Beaufort Belle

My dear mother always says I am a southern belle born way too late because I like the softer, older, genteel ways of life. Now take that and put me by the ocean and you know all you need to know about me! Seeing how this blog is promptly titled about a seaport and a lighthouse, one would think that Beaufort Belle would be a pirate's wench or something. Please forget those misgivings....I am just a southern belle waiting to live in her favorite place on God's earth, Beaufort NC!

I am a child of God first, a mother, a wife, a daughter, a sister. 

After being divorced for about 9 years, I remarried a wonderful man and father in 2004 on my parents 39 wedding anniversary. About 3 months after  the wedding, I became ill. In July of '05 I was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease at an early age. I also battle with
bi-polar disorder which was finally diagnosed about 6months later.

Some of my blog posts will be about this and other medical issues near and dear to my heart. I will also ramble about sports and crafts and family and many things southern. Bear with me as I tweak and try new things, new ways of postings that I love on other blogs, theme days (like I used to use) and any other ideas that I come up with to make this blog more enjoyable for my readers.