Friday, September 15, 2006

Friday Fives - Celebrity Edition

1. What is the best movie you've seen so far this year?
2. Who is your favorite actress? Why?

3. Who is your favorite actor? Why?
4. What movie can you watch over and over again?
5. What is your favorite old movie?

My responses:
1. "Failure to Launch"....Matthew Mc. was to die for in this movie. Plus I laughed so much...and who ever thought of a nekkid room??
2. Reese Witherspoon. She's such a classy, gracious Southern Belle.
3. Matthew McConaghey! Does this really need explanation? That southern drawl!! Those abs, that face. Need I say more?
4. A Time To Kill.....Matthew Mc, Sandra Bullock, Ashley Judd...lots of southerners there! Plus good ole Samuel L Jackson!
5. Gone With the Wind

1 comment:

Belle-ah said...

DH and I thought we would about die when we saw the Nekkid Room...LOLOLOLOL