Wednesday, September 13, 2006

My Doodle Bug

I have the absolute best Doodle Bug in the world. You see, my Doodle Bug is my 6 year old niece and my only niece or nephew. She is my bestest buddy and we have some real fun together! Today I am going to see her as she lives about 2 hours away. I am even going to pick her up from school. She is very excited. Her grandparents (my mom & daddy of course) are going with me and we are just taking one of our famous little road trips, complete with a stop at the Dairy Queen for mom's favorite French Vanilla Moolatte. Doodle Bug and I don't get to see each other very much (with a high schooler that is hard to do) so when we do see each other we make up for it. Here is Doodles and me on her very first roller coaster ride at Carowind's this past spring and you see, she already knows to hold her arms up on coasters!! Her aunt (that's me) taught her that. She is in the Duke Girls Rule t-shirt....have no clue who the people in front of us are. Anyway, I am off and I will talk to y'all tomorrow!!

(oh yes, before I go, I must brag on my DD....she is in her high school's musical production of Grease!! We are very excited!! "We go together like rama lama lama ka dingity ding shoo bop...")

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