Saturday, September 09, 2006

My Friday Fives ( a day late)

My best online girlfriends and I do a random set of 5 questions every Friday so I thought that would be a good way to end the week. Here are this weeks Friday 5's:

1. What is the order in which you put on your makeup ?
2. At what age were you first allowed to wear mascara?
3. Favorite brand of makeup?
4. Oily skin, combination skin or dry skin?
5. If you could have any type of lift, what would be your dream?

My responses:
1. MOISTURIZER, foundation, powder, blush, eye makeup, lip pencil and lip color, light dusting all over with powder to make sure everything is blended and then mascara and lip gloss.
2. Mascara was 7th grade but it was all I was allowed to wear with the exception of a lightly tinted lip gloss (probably Bonne Bell back then)
3. Aloette & Estee Lauder
4. Pretty much normal skin now that I am older. I always had dry skin.
5. tummy lift :D

Now what would your answers be?

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