Tuesday, October 03, 2006

It's a Totally Terrific Tuesday!

First off, my new mattress set finally arrived yesterday and I adore it!! It is so soft and plush but it is so high that I feel like "The Princess and the Pea". My husband worries about that with my Parkinson's so we may be trading in the box spring for a smaller one (6 inches compared to 9 inches). I told him he just needed to get me steps to climb up on the bed. Bombay Company carries one that would coordinate with our antique mahogany suite so well.

Next, I have actually been working on my Christmas cards. Yes, I know it is the beginning of October!! But I am going to attempt to make them all by hand and my list is almost 100 so if I don't start now, they will never be finished!! I best get my self back over to the craft table and away from this computer so I can do some more. I have to stamp and emboss 300 poinsettias! (But I did take a break and make 2 scrapbook pages from our summer vacation)

Lastly, I will be off to the doctor shortly for my next neuro check up....see how much the ole PD has progressed. Hopefully I can come off another medication and just increase one I am already on. Updates later.....

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