Saturday, June 09, 2007

Off to the Beach

Well, I am in final preparations for a week at the beach if I can get my 2 dd's butt's in gear. I am so ready for this trip after the past week. Madhouse! My house has been torn apart due to the powder room remodel, and now it won't be finished until next week after our return. The girls got out of school this week, one on Tuesday, the other on Friday. A nephew got married. And sadly, my dog died. I think I deserve a week at the beach!! So.....there will be no posts until our return.

As I type this, a storage building is being built for DH (now takes precedence over the powder room because the weather is good and there is a crew here) and they now have 4 sides and are working on a roof. I must admit, it is pretty fascinating watching this process. I tell you, if we EVER get to build a house, I will just have to sit there everyday and watch. This storage building will resemble a house when finished with matching siding to out house. I had to go ahead and pick the roofing I want on our house (when we reroof) to go on the storage building. Next I will have to pick the paint to go on our building that will eventually go on our house. Very interesting since we currently have brown roofing, yellow siding, and brown shutters. Not what I would have picked out but it does look nice. The new roofing is Estate Gray and we are probably going with a simple black and white color scheme. But in the meantime, the two shall not match.

I better finish up for now, I have a few more things to do and a quick run to Lowe's for more paint for the powder room (the semi gloss showed too many "mistakes" so many areas have been remudded and will be sanded later today - we only had 3 spots that we noticed but our guy went a little crazy). So I am to go get a new gallon of flat. I think I am going to sneak in either eggshell or kitchen & bath paint. TEEHEEHEE!

Y'all have a good week and behave yourselves. And even though you aren't at the beach, do what the above sign says.....RELAX!

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Belle-ah said...

Well, there you go....start back bloggin then high tail it outta here! Harumph!!!! LOL (((hugs))) and have a wonder filled week.