Thursday, June 21, 2007

Trivial Thursdays

OK, Bloggers.....are you ever at a loss for something to blog about. Well, today is one of those days. Haven't done anything special this week (except for that first mater sandwich) to blog about, and I don't think you want to hear about DD's trip to the dentist today.

So today's blog is about trivial Thursday or rather Thursday trivia. I decided to google "Thursday" and being a southern belle, the first thing that came to sight was a plantation. There is a Thursday Plantation. Now the story is rather complicated so I will let the website do the talking but it is a medically "neat" story about tea tree oils and antiseptics. Now I know that sounds boring but it isn't.

Another thing about kicks off party nights for many college students and young working adults. I never understood this one because I for one could never work around that Friday morning class in my schedule or that Friday work day once I started working.
Speaking of partying, did you realize how many bars are named after Thursday? Take a google and find out.

And then there is the band Thursday. According to their website, they "Formed in New Brunswick, New Jersey in 1997, Thursday & started out as part of a basement culture." Their videos have been shown on MTV.

And for further information on the day, Thursday, check out this article. It is actually pretty interesting. Have a great Thursday and I'll catch you on Friday.

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