Friday, July 13, 2007

Common language

Why oh why are there so many potty mouths? Do people not realize how uneducated they sound? I'm getting really tired of hearing the common language and it really burns me when it comes out of the mouths of imbeciles in front of children.

Last night I was at a co-rec softball game and right next to the private softball fields (owned by a local kids' sports organization) is a public park. The park stays very busy, especially the basketball courts which are closest to the softball field. Now this co-rec league is made up of 8 teams with 3 of them being church teams. And there are always children around. The language that was coming from the basketball courts was atrocious. And we are not talking conversations here but shouting at each other while they played basketball.

Even though I dislike the simple curse words, I can not stand the use of GD or the f-bomb. And it seems more and more people let that bomb drop.

I just wish people would stop and think what comes out of their mouths before they say it and realize how much more intelligent they sounds when they have a bigger and better vocabulary than just plain old common language.

Getting off my soapbox now.

Today the girls have gone to Wet-n-Wild Emerald Point to round off all their hard work this week with the mission work and service projects. It is a quite overcast here so I hope they are still having a great time! Hopefully the sun is shining on all of these hardworking young adults.


justabeachkat said...

Boy do I agree with you on this one! I can't stand it when people use ugly words. Why is it necessary?! And when I read books, sometimes I just cringe since ugly words are everywhere. TV and movies too. Thanks for a great post. Love the photo. Very cute. I might borrow it for another time.


Beaufort Belle said...

Thank you! Feel free to use it anytime...I thought it was just too cute to pass up!