Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Welcome to Wednesday!

" I'm ready to help paint!" ~ Belle
Due to the pocket door being installed in the powder room, we had to do some drywall work, new trim work, and re-paint the back hallway. Because the new trim is paint-grade we decided to paint over the stained trim. While taping out to paint the trim, Miss Belle decided she would help us out. Isn't she cute!?! Although we only have 1 coat of white paint on the trim, the hall looks so much fresher! I think DH is ready to paint the rest of the downstairs trim.
Today seemed to be appointment day. DD1 had her orthodontist appointment, so we had a nice little drive to Pinehurst. Her teeth are looking good but she did have to get rubber bands added today to work on her bite. DD2 had her eye appointment and they discovered she has an astigmatism. Time for new contacts.
This week, the girls have been working with their youth group doing local mission work. They have fed mission workers from World Changers and helped out some. Tomorrow they are going to go help paint at an elderly person's home. And then tomorrow night, they are going to host a block party to spread the word of God. Hopefully the weather will hold out and they block party will be a success. I am so proud of the girls and their willingness to do service work and mission work.
Today, my DM and I decided we are going to take a day a week (may end up being a day every other week) and just going somewhere new. Check out neat shops or galleries and eat at quaint little local places. Maybe even check out some historical sites. This should be fun. However knowing my DM and another lady who will be joining us on many of our outings, I think we will also be visiting many scrapbook and stamp shops.
I hope everyone has a wonderful remainder of the week!


Belle-ah said...

It sounds like your girls are using their summer in a wonderful way! I must say I am envious of you and your DM's plans!!!

Cathy said...

Belle is such a cutie! Great memories you'll be making with your mom. Have fun!