Monday, August 20, 2007

I've been nominated for an award!!

I was blessed indeed to be nominated again for the Reflection Award.
Karen of Karen's Ramblings nominated me and had this to say about me:
The Beaufort Lookout, I stumbled happily across this blog only recently and it has already inspired me. From quotations to the inspiring thoughts; the images and of course THAT flip flop cake which I must try. Please do check out this great blog.
So now it is my turn to pass it on...
Here are the rules for passing this award on:
The reason for the title is because this award should make you reflect on five bloggers who have been an encouragement, a source of love, impacted you in some way, and have been a Godly example to you. Five Bloggers who when you reflect on them you get a sense of pride and joy... of knowing them and being blessed by them.
1. Copy this post.
2. Reflect on five bloggers and write a least a paragraph about each one.
3. Make sure you link this post so others can read it and the rules.
4. Go leave your chosen bloggers a comment and let them know they've been given the award.
5. Put the award icon on your site
Here we go:
1. Belle-ah @ Southern Somedays is a true inspiration to me, as a woman of God, as a mother, a wife, and a friend. I never would have started blogging if it wasn't for her.
2. Kat @ justabeachkat. I have so much respect for this fine lady. With all she has been through with breast cancer (SHE'S A SURVIVOR!), she still finds humor in most everything and is so strong in her faith. She was probably the first blog link I added to my favorites after posting my IRL friends.
3. Jill @ Who Could Ask for Anything More. A blog I stumbled across and has actually helped me with personal issues regarding my faith. Excellent blog.
4. Holly @ {My Nest}. Holly is a real life friend. Though her blog contains more info on her little man Drew and nesting, trust me when I say she is truly a Woman of God. Take a look, I think you will enjoy her blog.
5. Dianne @ Glasses of Grace. Another one I stumbled across. Very open and real. Check it out...I am sure if you are a Woman of God, you will enjoy this site.


Jill@Who Could Ask for Anything More said...

Jenn- Thank you so very much. I've really enjoyed reading your blog, too.

Shabby Mama said...

thank you so are so you and pray for you so often.


justabeachkat said... very sweet! Thanks Jenn! I'm very honored and so touched by your sweet words about me.


Karen said...

Did you have a great holiday? Yes I look forward to reading more of your blog, it's awesome.

Dianne said...

Wow...imagine my surprise to get your comment earlier today, then come here to read your sweet words when I didn't even know you read my blog! I really hardly know what to say. Blogging gives me a chance to say things in writing that I may not say so well in speech, so I appreciate you thinking to nominate me. That's a sweet thing and I am grateful. You can rest assured I'm going to be checking your blog out too now! :-) I always enjoy making a new friend, so thanks!

Sandy McTier said...

Hope you had a fabulous holiday away and what a special award to come home to. Love your blog!
Have a fabulous day.
Sandy :)