Saturday, September 22, 2007

Americas Most Wanted Tonight

A Young Role Model
Disney calls its resorts “The Happiest Place on Earth.” But this summer, a dream vacation at Disney's Swan Resort turned into a nightmare for one young girl. The story is a good reminder that even well-secured public places with good reputations can pose dangers for children. But even more than that, this story is a reminder that heroes come in all shapes and sizes – and ages. Police say the girl was approached and lured away by a man named William Bishop. But today, Bishop is behind bars, thanks to an alert and street smart eleven-year-old boy named David.
Police say David noticed Bishop early in the day and became suspicious of him, telling his dad that he saw the man talking to several different children. Hours later, cops say things got much more serious when David caught Bishop molesting a young girl behind a patch of trees at the resort. David and his dad informed authorities, and Bishop was arrested on the spot.
AMW's Ben Haslup got a chance to meet the boy hero this week in New Hampshire. And he says that David’s story carries an important message for both children and parents. "You can't be lulled into a false sense of security in a public place," Ben says. "This isn't to scare everybody, but bad things can happen anywhere."
On Saturday night’s show, we'll give David the recognition he deserves, telling the whole country about his heroic actions. And don’t forget – you can get all kinds of great tips about keeping your kids safe at AMW’s online Safety Center.

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