Sunday, September 16, 2007

A Meme....A Middle Name Meme

Now this is a first for me. Miss Karen over at Karen's Ramblings nominated me for this new adventure. Now the directions are as follows:

"You have to post these rules on your blog. Players, you must list one fact that is somehow relevant to your life for each letter of your middle name. If you do not have a middle name, choose one you would like to have. When tagged, write your own blog post containing your middle name facts. At the end, choose one person to tag for each letter of your middle name. Then leave them a comment telling them they have been tagged."

So here goes...

L...Loyal as loyal can be...(sometimes even to a fault)

Y...yearn for a greater spiritual life

N...neverending love for Jesus Christ

N...neverending love for my wonderful husband and my children (including my furbaby)

So now I have to pick 4 to nominate...I hope they will do them since I have just enundated them with awards lately. And many have already received the middle name meme. So we will try...
Rhoda, Kat, Serena, and Sweatpea.


Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Hi, Jen! thanks for thinking of me...I did this middle name one about 2 weeks ago & posted it. I appreciate it though! I know you're one of the Jen's from GI, right? I can't keep you all straight. I'm gonna link your blog on mine.

So glad you enjoyed the lampshade post. I've had fun covering those over the years.


justabeachkat said...

I did mine last night. Thanks for thinking of me! I enjoyed reading yours too!


Paula said...

Thanks, Jen. I'll do mine this week.

Karen said...

Thanks for sharing this :-)
Your blog is so enjoyable, there's a lovely 'scent' to it that emanates. I want to pray God's blessings upon you today, his grace, hope that comes from him and much encouragement to you.

joan said...

Hi Jen,

Great middle name meme! My youngest daughter's middle name is Lynn also after her grandma. Lynn flows pretty with your first name.