Friday, October 26, 2007

Part III....why am I telling you this?

First of all this is nothing new. I mentioned Parkinson's Disease in my profile and I did a thread on it after seeing the THS: Michael J. Fox and the validation I received with the pain. I was diagnosed on July 13, 2005, less than a year after my husband and I got married (remember 2nd marriages). I have also done a thread a long time back on BiPolar and the link to that thread is right below this thread. Even though I suffered depression, bi-polar, and PTSD, we didn't know how bad until I had my diagnosis of Parkinsons (PD). The psychiatric problems continued to manifest itself until I ended up in the hospital the following April. I didn't know what to do anymore and I stayed a week. I saw my psychiatrist for the first time the following Monday and I see her every Monday since then. Why am I telling you this? I mentioned a trip to the therapist awhile back and received many emails (so they would be private I assumed) about seeing a therapist. People see therapists for many reasons, thankfully I started seeing mine when I did. We determined PTSD (a date rape and my first marriage generally) and the BiPolar Disorder. After diagnosing BiPolar, my mom and I had many A-HA moments back to my childhood.

Now here is why I am writing many people suffer from the "FUNKS"...that is usually more like depression. Please see someone. There are basically counselors and even PAS at your employer or spouse's employer. Or you can see a psychiatrist like I do. I need the meds.

Secondly, don't feel sorry for me but do pray for me and my family. My depression is better thanks to a surgery I had on Feb 1. Yes surgery for depression. And I have been able to come off or cut back several psychiatric drugs. In the meantime, my PD has worsen. This is where I need your prayers and good thoughts. I saw my neurologist yesterday...and this is a dr. among dr.s. He might as well be the old fashioned house doctor. He was in single practice but now he is leaving on Dec 10 and heading west. Please help me figure out my options...go see him 2-3 times a year 3 1/2 hours away, go see a doc he is recommending about an hour away (also in single private practice) or find me a doc at Duke. Believe it or not, that is 3rd on the list as great as Duke is.

So to round up these long posts....pray for me, know what is wrong with me, and if I am missing for a few days or so and I haven't mentioned it beforehand, say an extra little prayer because I am having a really bad several days.

Thanks everyone!!


joan said...

Hi Jennifer,
I will most certainly pray for you. It sounds like you really like and trust the first doctor who is moving, which I think would be a deciding factor for me. Either way I'll pray God gives you guidance to make the best decision for you. Take care and if you ever need someone to talk to....Joan

justabeachkat said...


I feel bad because I guess I never actually read your profile. I found your blog or you found mine and we just picked up and enjoyed our friendship.

I'm so sorry things have been tough for you. I think you're so brave to be open about it. As I've mentioned before, I find it best for me to be upfront. You know writing down your feelings in a journal or on your blog might be a wonderful way to "vent" and/or document how you're doing. I have a friend who has MS. I've suggested she do the same thing. If you don't wanat to do it on this blog you can start another one that's private. Just a thought.

I agree with sounds like you like and trust your doctor so it might be worth it to stick with him.

I'll definitely pray for you. I'm here if I can help. My e-mail address is on my profile and you're welcome to e-mail me anytime. Hang in there sweet friend.


Happy Homemaker said...

Definitely thinking of you and your family and completely understanding "why you are telling us this." Take care.