Friday, November 02, 2007

I'm giving Thanks

I was just over at Kat's blog and she posted something wonderful she is doing and she got the idea from Leah at South Breeze Farm. (nice run on sentence there). Anyway, I am going to do the same thing. Check it out and see if you can make it through the month giving thanks.


Leah in Iowa said...

Thanks for signing up to do my month-long challenge. This is gonna be so good for me, and hopefully for all the rest of the participants! It'll be like one big brainstorming session! =)

Happy November!

Leah in Iowa said...

Oh, and P.S. - I died when I saw your turkey photo below. What a riot!!

joan said...

Hi Jennifer,
I'm on board too. Great idea.

justabeachkat said...

Glad you're doing it too. What a great idea Leah had!

I'm thankful for your friendship.


Jill@Who Could Ask for Anything More said...

I joined in, too. I love reading everyone's list. This is such a wonderful thing. Hope your week is going well.

Jen said...

Such a marvelous idea! I wish I had jumped in sooner. It is so comforting to see everyone looking at the blessings in thier life instead of the things that go wrong! Have a wonderful weekend!