Monday, February 25, 2008

Creation vs. Evolution: The Great Debate

This is the title of a class I am taking at church in our University of Life Series. If you would, please take the poll at the top left of the sidebar, I would greatly appreciate it. The class is covering a wide range of topics among the 2 and features a wide array of people (ages, backgrounds...scientists, engineers, an ex-NASA employee, and it is a room full of Christians) I am not out to debate, just to learn more, and really, you don't need to post a comment. Feel free to do so if you would like, but if a debate gets started, I will delete the comments. This is for my interest only. Thanks everyone for taking part!

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luvmy4sons said...

I have a bumper sticker that shows the Darwin fish with legs being eaten by the Jesus fish symbol that says Truth. The truth fish is much larger than the Darwin fish with legs!