Saturday, February 09, 2008

LOVE - Day 9


We all love to receive love notes from our loved ones. And you may be like me and collect these in a special place. You may also be like me and other than picking up a great card at the store, have a hard time expressing your sentiments other than saying, "I love you". One day I was at a Christian book store and came across the book Love Notes on His Pillow; And Other Everyday Ways to Keep Your Love Alive. The author is Linda J. Gilden and I recommend it for everyone! On, the editorial review states:

Most husbands and wives want to increase their marital satisfaction, and one great way for a woman to do this is to make sure that her husband experiences her love in a hundred different ways. Love Notes on His Pillowoffers you creative ideas for saying "I love you" to your husband, along with simple ways to remind him often of your love and to express your delight in your marriage. Suggestions for notes and other items that can be left on his pillow top the list. But this book isn’t only about written love notes. A "love note" is any outward expression of love that brings encouragement, joy, or pleasure to the recipient. This book will bring encouragement through real life examples of other couples who have practiced "love notes" in their marriages.

And on Romance Between The Lines, this book is listed in the toolbox for the Proverbs 31 Romantic Wife. Their description of the book states:

Enrich your marriage with a collection of practical, fun, and romantic ideas! Don't limit your love notes to papers pinned to his pillow. A "love note" can be any expression of love that brings encouragement, joy, or pleasure to your honey. You'll be encouraged by the real-life examples of married couples who have become masters at communicating in unique and beautiful ways.

One example in the book is when holding hands squeeze your hunny's hand 3 times for I love you, and have him squeeze you hand back 4 times for I love you, too.

This book offers LOVE NOTE advice for Celebrations, Other Special Days, Paperless Love Notes, Love Notes at Work, Love Notes on the Go (does your spouse travel much?) and Other Types of Love Notes. It also gives a great list of places to leave notes.

I'll end this by leaving a love note for my DH in my favorite place....


Quote of the Day

Love is, above all, the gift of oneself.

~Jean Anouilh

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luvmy4sons said...

Hubby and I have, since the time we began dating,always done the three squeezes followed by four squeezes. We will do it with porch lights and car lights as well. Thanks for the recommendations and the ideas. After 24 years...I am still awlays ready for some good ideas to show my hubby some good lovin'