Monday, March 24, 2008

'Easter is a promise God renews to us each spring'

That is the first line of the quote of the day by Amanda Bradley yesterday. To me, it is and always will be Easter Monday. I don't care if businessess are back open, kids are back in school, etc... It is a time of renewal, and a time of celebration.

Remember what Easter is really all about. It is our:

E ternal father who
A scended into heaven and became our
S avior. He had been placed in a
T omb but showed his
E verlasting love by
R ising again so that we can have ETERNAL LIFE!!!


Beverly said...

Very special. I had not seen that before. Thanks for sharing.

PAT said...

This morning. as we were driving to the hospital, I was thinking, today is Easter Monday. How very true this quote is.
We have a date for surgery. Big sigh of relief. Six weeks!

luvmy4sons said...

Love it!