Wednesday, April 30, 2008

It's that time again....

It's "That Wednesday Thing"
and I have a few things to share with you!
First of all, do you ever see someone dressed out in military fatigues at the airport, restaurant, or even the shopping mall? Want to say thanks but don't know the words to use. Well it is very easy to thank a member of our military.
Next I have 2 very different blogs to share with you.
The first one is a religious one that my mom passed on to me. Remember when many of us bloggers were studying Proverbs 31. Well this women has recently wrote about the Proverbs 31 woman and so much more. Her profile states: "I'm a happily married mother of two ... author, editor, university teacher and national women's speaker. My Life in Chapter and Verse reflects my passion for words and especially for God's words. Fill a mug, have a look around, and feel free to strike up a conversation!" So please check out Rachel Olsen's My Life in Chapter and Verse.
Now the second blog has to do with living in a "Jewel Box" or rather a small home instead of those large gorgeous houses popping up everywhere (not to say there is nothing wrong with one of those and I must admit, my dream home is a very large home, almost antebellum, sitting on the ocean....yes I know there are hurricanes, but I did say this was my "dream" home!) Now that I have digressed, lets get back on track...
The Jewel Box Home is Your Guide to Decorating, Entertaining and Joyful Living in a Smaller Home (from her blog headline) and not only does she blog, but she has a Jewel Box website. She gives so much attention that I know many of my friends wish were published in our fav. Southern magazines...y'all know who you are! :D So check out:
and she even has a newsletter you can read!
Now, the next thing is just for pure laughs...once again it is about our governement, and whether it is true or false, it really is funny. If it is true, it is so sad these are the people representing us!
Why our country is in trouble!
A Washington DC airport ticket agent offers some examples of why our country is in trouble!
1. I had a New Hampshire Congresswoman ask for an aisle seat so that her hair wouldn't get messed up by being near the window. (On an airplane!)
2. I got a call from a candidate's staffer, who wanted to go to Capetown. I started to explain the length of the flight and the passport information, then she interrupted me with, "I'm not trying to make you look stupid, but Capetown is in Massachusetts ." Without trying to make her look stupid, I calmly explained, "Cape Cod is in Massachusetts, Capetown is in Africa." Her response - click.
3. A senior Vermont Congressman called, furious about a Florida package we did. I asked what was wrong with the vacation in Orlando. He said he was expecting an ocean-view room. I tried to explain that's not possible, since Orlando is in the middle of the state. He replied, "Don't lie to me, I looked on the map and Florida is a very thin state!" (OMG)
4. I got a call from a lawmaker's wife who asked, "Is it possible to see England from Canada?" I said, "No." She said, "But they look so close on the map." (OMG, again!)
5. An aide for a cabinet member once called and asked if he could rent a car in Dallas. When I pulled up the reservation, I noticed he had only a 1-hour layover in Dallas. When I asked him why he wanted to rent a car, he said, "I heard Dallas was a big airport, and we will need a car to drive between gates to save time." (Aghhhh)
6. An Illinois Congresswoman called last week. She needed to know how it was possible that her flight from Detroit left at 8:30 am got to Chicago at 8:33 am. I explained that Michigan was an hour ahead of Illinois, but she couldn't understand the concept of time zones. Finally, I told her the plane went fast, and she bought that.
7. A New York lawmaker called and asked, "Do airlines put your physical description on your bag so they know whose luggage belongs to whom?" I said, "No, why do you ask?" She replied, "Well, when I checked in with the airline, they put a tag on my luggage that said (FAT), and I'm overweight. I think that's very rude!After putting her on hold for a minute while I looked into it (I was laughing). I came back and explained the city code for Fresno, is (FAT - Fresno Air Terminal), and the airline was just putting a destination tag on her luggage.
8. A Senator's aide called to inquire about a trip package to Hawaii. After going over all the cost info, she asked, "Would it be cheaper to fly to California, and then take the train to Hawaii?"
9. I just got off the phone with a freshman Congressman who asked, "How do I know which plane to get on?" I asked him what exactly he meant, to which he replied, "I was told my flight number is 823, but none of these planes have numbers o n them."
10. A lady Senator called and said, "I need to fly to Pepsi-Cola, Florida. Do I have to get on one of those little computer planes?" I asked if she meant fly to Pensacola, FL on a commuter plane. She said, "Yeah, whatever, smarty!"
11. A senior Senator called and had a question about the documents he needed in order to fly to China After a lengthy discussion about passports, I reminded him that he needed a visa. "Oh, no I don't. I've been to China many times and never had to have one of those." I double-checked and sure enough, his stay required a visa. When I told him this he said, "Look, I've been to China four times and every time they have accepted my American Express!"
12. A New Mexico Congress woman called to make reservations, "I want to go from Chicago to Rhino, New York." I was at a loss for words. Finally, I said, "Are you sure that's the name of the town?" "Yes, what flights do you have?" replied the lady. After some searching, I came back with, "I'm sorry, ma'am, I've looked up every airport code in the country and can't find a Rhino anywhere." The lady retorted, "Oh, don't be silly! Everyone knows where it is. Check your map!"So I scoured a map of the state of New York and finally offered, "You don't mean Buffalo, do you?" The reply? "Whatever! I knew it was a big animal."
Now you know why the Government is in the shape it's in!
Could some people be this IGNORANT?


joan said...

Hi Jenn,

Okay those were great. Being in the travel biz I have heard alot. Once I had a lady who wanted to drive to Hawaii from the continental US, when I told her there were no bridges, she wanted to know if there was a ferry. LOL

justabeachkat said...

Too funny!


(I got my bike shorts at our local bike shop)

Rebecca said...

Thanks for the link to the Jewel Box Home. I love it! I've seen the Gratitude campaign before and I think it is so cool!

Joan, that is too funny about the lady who wanted to drive to Hawaii.

Happy May Day sweet Jennifer!