Sunday, April 06, 2008

Sunday Sampler

I have some pictures of some funny, some interesting, and some a little strange inventions people have come up with:























Some of these are pretty neat inventions but some others, well lets just say...some people have too much time on their hands!




Paula said...

I enjoyed looking at those. I think that the drawer built into the steps is a great idea!!

luvmy4sons said...

People are many things...and creative is certainly a biggy! What cute ideas!

PAT said...

This was fun, Jenn! Remember Kramer's coffee table book?


joan said...

Where did you ever find these Jennifer? These are too funny. The drawers in the stairs are a great idea.

Beaufort Belle said...

These were sent to me in an email. I thought they were very creative and wanted to share. Love the drawers in the steps, the glass to "grip" your hand around, the sheets showing who gets how much space or rather the measurements...I keep having to move my husband over LOL, the "blooming light" for kids, and the hand held "tripod" so you can take pictures of yourself...I am never in family photos, because I am always taking them!!!