Sunday, June 01, 2008

Good Sunday Morning to you all!! hardwood floors are now in!! They are not finished yet, so I will hold off on pictures until they are finished. We have to finish painting and my "carpenter" has to come and install my bookcases and all the trim work, then my floor man will come back and put the stain and finish on!! I am so excited...there may actually be a little light at the end of the tunnel for getting my house in order! But I still expect it to be July.

Also, Friday I was looking into things to do while on our family trip to Florida. Of course, my niece, "the doodle bug" wants to Disney, and my husband wants to do SeaWorld, and the girls want to do a water park. I just want to go to Margaritaville!!

Anyway, did you know that SeaWorld now has a water park. You must check this out, it is called
I think we are going to check this one out. I don't like planning to do a lot of stuff, we stay at such a wonderful resort that has so much to offer and we go every year so there is no need to hit Disney or Universal EVERY TIME!! Last year we didn't even go anywhere during the day but the pools are the resort. Us adults played Bingo in the afternoons. We had a Luau one night. We did take the kids to Dixie Stampede one night. But we tried to truly relax the entire time instead of running around everywhere. There was nightly live music we would go to, and my brother went and played in a poker tournament and he and my dad went to a golf clinic. I think my dad and DD went to play golf one day. We had a week pass for Putt-Putt (they have 2 championship Putt- Putt courses and then another "Island Golf" course. They even had 2 parties for the teens and a movie theater on site.
So I think this may be our plan for this year's trip. One day we will go to Sea World and also have dinner with Shamu. Another day will be Aquatica. One day will be Magic Kingdom. And then one night we will go to CityWalk @ Universal for dinner and a movie...the best deal in town!! Dinner at one of the many restaurants at City Walk followed by a movie and the entire thing only cost $21.95. I'm telling you...if you go to Orlando, this is the best deal you will find! Of course, we will eat at Margaritaville. Now this is just the plans for my family of four. I think my mom and dad will do all of the above. And I hope my brother and his family will share the same plans, and if they want to go other places, that they feel free to go without us.
I want us all to enjoy the week but I love spending time at the resort and I don't want to come home from vacation feeling like I need a vacation to recover from vacation. I know you know what I mean!! And actually, on our tickets to SeaWorld/Aquatica...we can go as many times as we want within 7 days from first using the if we want to go back to the water park or Seaworld, we can if we go early in the week.
Enough on that for now, I will give you a recap upon our return as to what we really did and hopefully share some wonderful pictures!!
Before you leave, check out this awesome video on YouTube: The Coolest Video Ever

Now I'm off to help DH paint and prime the trim and paint my built ins!! May your Sunday be filled with many blessing and lots of the SON!

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joan said...

Hi Jenn,

I hope you have a great vacation. I know what you mean about needing a vacation from your vacation especially if you go to Disney World.