Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Tuesday Tidbits

I can't believe it is Tuesday already...Friday we leave for vacation and there is so much to do. But I had to spend a few minutes with all my blog friends.

First I want to tell you about a cool thing to do for yourself, and especially if you have kids!! My friend Cathy works for the space program down in Florida and she not only sends me great jokes from time to time, I get really cool pictures of take-offs, views from orbits, and landings of the space shuttle taken by their program. Yesterday she sent me the coolest thing and I have signed up everyone in my family and printed the certificates for my daughters. I think you should do the same. Check out: Join the New Lunar Mission by Placing Your Name in Orbit - Deadline - June 27, 2008. So act now.
Second, the house is moving along....now it is time to finish priming and painting. All the trim work is in, more patching on the ceiling has been done (GEE WHIZ!!!) and even a few spots on the walls they missed the first time, so that has to be repainted. The "new...madeover" fireplace is finished, and the custom built in bookcases are installed. We hope to have all of that at least primed, if not painted before we leave on vacation so I better get downstairs and on the ball!) All that will be left is for the floor man to come back and stain and finish my floors and install the matching shoe molding (plan: 1st week of July)...get the furniture recovered, install the new outlets, light switches, and ceiling fixtures, and it will be done!! There is a light FINALLY at the end of the tunnel. But then it gets a little dark again as everything that is stored here in the office, the kitchen, and the garage gets moved back into the living room, dining room, and closets.
Third, and this will wrap it up for today: it is already June 10th and I haven't posted my Celebrations list for this month. Hey, if you are a Beaufort Lookout fan and want your birthday or anniversary recognized, please post a comment or send me an email.


4th: Debie G & Katie

7th: Ronnie D

16th: Jason E.

28th: the twins, my husband & his sister: Jack & Joan

30th: Colby D.



7th: Jason & Justice

13th: Todd & Julie

Happy Birthday and Anniversary to all of you!

Now everyone, enjoy this beautiful June day.....

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joan said...

Have a great vacation Jenn. I bet you can't wait and you will have to show us photos when your home is done.