Friday, September 19, 2008

I am Paying It Forward to...

1. Loves Pink & Pearls
2. Kristin @ Life of a Southern College Girl
3. Worthington @ Worthy Style
Ladies, please send me an email to unless I have given you my private email and share with me some of your likes and dislikes, your interests and most definitely your name and address. I am involved with 2 wonderful swaps at the moment that I need to tidy up first and then I will get you your wonderful PIF gifts out to you. It may be 2 weeks or so because I am heading back to the beach.
If you are NOT one of the 3 mentioned above, for every 25 readers that comment on either the post entitled Lurkers, Lurkers... or C'mon Lurkers, 1 reader will be chosen for another giveaway. 25 comments - 1 giveaway, 50 comments - 2 giveaways, etc. Got the idea? Feel free to mention on your blogs that I am having a giveaway.
In the meantime,

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