Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I've Been Tagged Again!

A blogging newbie tagged me to do this tag, and since it is one I just did, I usually wouldn't do it again. Here name is "CapeGirl" and she writes on "Lovesthecape". But since she is a newbie, here it is:

The rules are link to the person who tagged you-list 7 weird and or random facts about yourself-tag 7 others with links to their posts-finally be sure to leave them a comment that you have tagged them.

So here is more
Weird/random things:

1. I am/was a professional college student. I went to East Carolina University straight from high school in 1986. I have knee problems (see next item) and had to leave ECU after 1.5 years to have knee surgery. I went to Durham Technical Community College and took college transfer classes hoping to go back to ECU. My brother became a student at the Univ. of NC - Wilmington, so I figured being the true beach bum (not a bad thing, mind you) that I would move down there and I attended Cape Fear Community College thinking I was going to transfer to UNCW. Life and a boy got in the way. Moved back to home town. Got married, had baby. (notice the recurring pattern of life getting in the way??) Worked for several years at Duke, it was my lifetime dream to graduate from Duke University, so with the encouragement of others I applied to Duke and was accepted...WOOHOO!! Now you all know that I am a die hard Duke fan. I love the school, I love the athletics (even when they are loosing!! that's how true blue die hard I am). No offense if any Dukies are reading this but they are about the rudest people on the planet. Anyway, divorce came and ex is a jerk so he never paid child support. Working full time and trying to go to Duke full time and being a single mommy full time was a little too much for me. Left Duke (insert mad crying here). Came a time when my parents and I sat down together and decided for me not to work so I could finish school. Got accepted to summer school and attended 2 very full summer school sessions at University of North Carolina Chapel Hill. Came time to transfer as a full student in the fall, not all my MANY transcripts came in. Started back at DTCC in computer classes, mostly networking. Decided to look in the paper for an intern type position;
saw a job very much like one I had previously, basically had the interview over the phone and offered a position but had to go through the formal come in, sit down, let's talk interview... got the job on the spot. Conditional to my taking the job was being able to leave to go to class during some days and leave early on other days. Conditions accepted. Kept up in school, work became to demanding and once again had to leave school. Finally I took onlin classes at University of Phoenix. LOVED these classes...highly recommend to adults trying to finish a college degree or even get an advanced degree. But unfortunately, I still don't have my degree. Enough credits for probably 3 or 4 different degrees but no degree.

2. I wasn't always a girly girl. Love playing sports as much as I now love watching sports. Played basketball, softball, cheerleading, and dance. Ended my playing career at the ripe old age of 13 after my first of 4 left knee surgeries. Will need knee replacement at some point.

3. My brother is a former professional ballroom dancing champ. He has worked with, danced with, or danced against several of the pros on Dancing With the Stars plus he knows Bruno Toniolli.

4. I love the beach ANYTIME of year, even in the wintertime. It's so beautiful and peacefull. I am actually leaving in the morning for the beach and will be back Sunday.

5. As many boats as I have been on in my life, I am going out on my first charter boat fishing excusion out into the gulfstream on Friday. Pray the weather holds up.

6. I don't think my house will ever be fully decorated. It's so depressing. It's a nice house, and we just spent a lot of money on new hardwood floors, paint, builtins, repair and remodel of the fireplace, reupholstery of LR furniture, etc. And I think I will like that room if and when it is ever finished, but I just hate my house...don't know why.

and lastly...
7. I don't like chicken!! I hate fried chicken, grilled chicken, barbecue chicken, roast chicken. YUCK!! Now I will eat chicken in chicken salads, pasta dishes, casseroles, etc. I am a red meat girl....give me prime rib, filet mignon, or even a ribeye and I am fine and dandy any day!

Now to some tagging again:
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Rebecca said...

Hey! Thats cool about your brother being a dance pro. Have fun at the beach. Think of me while you stroll along the beach with your toes in the surf (insert BIG Sigh right here).

Capegirl said...

Thanks for being a sport! Fishing is fun or so my husband says-as I write he is installing one of his prize catches on the wall of our den. What we don't do for love!!!

Belle (from Life of a...) said...

Thanks for stopping by and for putting me on your blogroll. Best of luck in the giveaway. I'm having such a good time with it. Am happy to find your blog also.

Appreciate the tag. I'll work on it as soon as I get through contest week.

Monogramchick said...

What fun to learn about you, bet you've gotten quite the education despite the piece of paper!

Kappa Prep said...

Thank you for your kind comment, it really lifted me up. I appreciate all the thought and time you put into it and am glad to know there are others similar to myself out there!

Kappa Prep said...

PS- I posted seven facts!!