Monday, September 22, 2008

Rue La La....Taylor

Don't know how many of you are members of Rue La La...but I tell you, it is worth it and it is FREE to be a member. All of these "hot little boutiques" run these 2-3 day sale boutiques through Rue La La and you have the opportunity to buy at extrememly LOW prices. i am really wanting several of the dresses in the current Taylor Boutique and they are all on sale for $60-$65. Upcoming sales inclue "absorba", "Cole Haan", "Penquin" and "Kosta Boda".

If you would love an invitation to Rue La La, email me with your name and email address that you want to use for your invite and I will get one out to you. Remember, these boutiques are only open at Rue La La for a VERY short time (usually 2-3 days).

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Anonymous said...

Cool. I will email you for the invite. There is another site that I am a member of called You don't need an invite to sign up. It's free and anyone can join.