Saturday, September 27, 2008

You know what...

pardon my french, but sometimes life just sucks!! Yesterday afternoon and last night was one of those times. The day started well, went to lunch with my mom and some friends. AND IT POURED!! After lunch we headed toward a little antiques village. Went into one store, WAY overpriced in my opinion, I just go depressed. I have been dying for a wooden tea cart for my dining room...they had that was quite rickety for over $400 and another one in very good condition, but missing a glass divider/shelf for almost that price. Found a bedspread/coverlet that I would love to price what so ever. How come so many of you can go into these wonderful little shops and sales and find the greatest pieces and get such a good deal out of them? Then last night was awful..everyone was ill with everyone, went to Costco, it rained some more...yuck!

I really wanted to go to opening night for "Nights in Rodanthe". Nicholas Sparks is one of my favorites being a NC boy and all his books being set along the NC Coast. However, the movies (with the exception of The Notebook probably) have disappointed me, being a NC Girl. The books are wonderful and I know many of the places he talks about in his books, but then Hollywood goes a little crazy and takes much creative license. At least in this movie, they did shoot some of it in Rodanthe, NC. Anyway, Dh has promised me we will go next Wednesday night while we are at the beach.

Plus the debate was on...I shouldn't have watched. I got angry at the BS I was being fed and what I was hearing while reading between the lines. Not to get into a political debate, this blog is NOT for that, but I did notice one candidates demeanor was quite different last night. He is usually the suave, eloquent speaker, so at ease speaking in front of a crowd of swooning fans...but last night he just seemed plain angry! His body language was tense, his face pretty much stayed in a scowl, his responses were choppy, and his tone was angry. And the aftermath where every station and every "political guru" chop everything to shreds and dissect and dissect and dissect again every response given and nobody every says the same thing. I will be so glad when this election is over. One set of commentators even dissected how one candidate looked at his other opponent and the audience while the other candidate only looked at the moderator. Well I was always taught that you should address your responses with your face and your body as well as your words to the person that asked you the question. Apparently in politics, that is wrong.

So here it is Saturday, I am exhausted and it isn't even 12 noon. I am mentally exhausted, by tomorrow night I will be physically exhausted. I turned on TV a short while ago, and learned that one of my favorite Hollywood icons, Mr. Paul Newman, had died from cancer. What a star, what a gentleman, what a philanthropist.

I did accomplish painting a mirror frame last night that I hope to hang over my sofa in just a little while. I did stop at a yard sale this morning (the house and property will be auctioned off in 2 weeks) and picked up 2 old Christmas with Southern Living books, 2 silver serving pieces that should be gorgeous when polished and 8 silver napking rings....all for $3.60. So that is a good thing!

Tonight we are going to a surprise birthday party for a friend of mine's husband. The girls will leave about an hour into that party and go to the birthday party for a friend of theirs. Hopefully we want be out late, because tomorrow, DD and I are going to a college fair, DSD has to work concessions for LL soccer at 1&2 (rain out makeup games), DD has to be at cotillion at 3-5:30 (she is in her 2nd year as an assistant, she was a participant for 3 years when she was younger), DSD has to be back at church at 5, DD will get there when cotillion is over. The handyman is coming to install our new stair railings since having our new hardwood floors put in. And maybe, just maybe, I'll find time to get on here tomorrow evening with a witty post or something.

By the way, I ordered this years Christmas with Southen Living and it arrived with the back spine torn. The book itself is whole, no pages unbound or anything like that....just a crack all the way down the back spine. Oxmoor House replaced it at no charge and told me to keep the old one and give it to someone. So first person to comment that they are interested in the "damaged" book, let me know and I will sent it to you.

Have a safe and wonderful weekend all my dear readers! And ....

(Yes I know, I need to fix my signature...working on that!)


Worthington said...

Christmas!!! I love Christmas! ha!

And at least the antique-ing from yesterday was made up by the yard sale, perhaps?

I cannot wait to get sterling silver napkin rings for Mike and I post-marriage. That was one of my favorite things growing up - tablescaping with Mom, and my parents have heavy, dense napkin rings that I just have always adored...

I'm sure the day will get better!

preppy little dress said...

i couldn't agree more about your comments about the debate!

hope the rest of your weekend is better!!

Lisa said...

Awww cheer up, like you said - you'll be at the beach watching a movie about the beach soon!

What's not to love about that?

(Thought the fresh perspective might help chase the blues away!)

Worthington said...

BTW, saw the movie with Mike - tear jerker and VERY true to the book - I hope you see it and like it!!

The Bona Fide Preppy Bride said...

I also agree about the debate. I told my fiance we needed to start a debate drinking game where you have to take a shot every time Obama calls McCain the wrong name... but I dont think I could handle that much alcohol:) haha