Saturday, November 08, 2008

Applesauce, Peas and Pork Chops

Kat @ Just A Beach Kat has posted about a very embarrassing moment for her and many other bloggers are following suit. So since I just reconnected with the dad of the boy to come next, through 6 degrees of separation in an email, this memory has come to mind.

I had the biggest crush on this boy in junior high. We went to school together, we went to church together, went to the same swim and tennis club together, etc. At the time, we attended a Methodist church and Bible school was held at night. He lived 2 houses up from the church and arrangements were made for me to be dropped off at his house and have dinner with his family and then we would walk to Bible school together. Well I was bound and determined to make a grand impression, using my best table manners and such. Well I definitely made an impression. We were served pork chops, apple sauce, peas, and I am not sure what else. I was trying to be so mannerly and cut my pork chop with my knife. Well, it just wasn't working. All of a sudden, my pork chop split in half and peas flew all over the kitchen and apple sauce all over the table. I was so embarrassed. His dad jut laughed and asked why I just don't pick it up with my fingers and eat it? And his little brother asked when I was coming back to dinner..."I was funny."

Very embarrassing! (But I did get the kiss a couple weeks later at the beach on a nightly stroll! :D )

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Connie said...

Came over from Kat's and have enjoyed reading your blog. I see you have Parkinson' does my mom. Keep living each day fully is what I tell her. I'll be back! Connie