Saturday, January 31, 2009

Dear, dear are letting me down.

I am so disappointed in the entries into the giveaway...

My weekly stats show that I have way more readers than I have had comments. We have to have 100 comments for the giveaway to take place. And most of you are commenting on perfume!! I know you have a favorite face cleanser or lip gloss or blush or mascara or makeup brush. Do you use Bare Escentuals or Dior cosmetics? Drugstore brand or the savvy makeup counters in the department stores. Let's get the ball rolling again. Make sure to go to the Beauty Giveaway by clicking on this link to sign up for it!!


Grove Gals said...

favorite lip balm: la mer
favorite lip gloss: bobbi brown
favorite mascara: great lash
favorite nail polish: sugar daddy by essie
sorry I am just getting caught up on my blog reading

Old As Time said...

I love giveaways... but this is too much work :)