Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A Swap Switcheroo - sad story with a happy ending!!

As many of you did over the holidays (pre holiday), I participated in a swap. It was to be a great swap and I was very excited. My partner and I IMMEDIATELY contacted each other, she asked wonderful questions to really get to know me and my personal style so I asked her to do the same. Well as you know, I was sick up to Thanksgiving (we kept up to date with each other), she was sick after Turkey Day (we again kept up), we agreed there may be a delay exchanging our swaps but we were both fine with that. I had my wreck and then was not healing well so I email swap partner and told her that I would be very late, maybe after holiday getting her package to her and I understood if she wanted to contact organizer and request a new partner, just please let me know. After all the wonderful communication, all of a sudden NONE! When I could, I purchased items for her package and eventually put together a wonderful package, packed it up, and DH took it to the post office. It definitely reached her before the holidays.
Well what a surprise when 1 day that I actually felt like trying to catch up on my blog reading, did I get a shocker of her showing pictures of the items she received in her swap package and they were NOT MINE! Now in her defense (don't know if this is true) she could have participated in more than 1 swap. The problem is LACK OF COMMUNICATION.
I emailed my lovely blog friend who had spread word to me of this wonderful exchange and she too was in shock. She gave me tremendous support and some great advice as to what I should do. I emailed the organizer and let her know what had happened as my dear friend suggested and even shared with her all emails sent and received between the 2 of us. She was devastated and said that my partner did not request a new partner.

However, being the wonderful person she is, she offered to put together a package for me. She did tell me that it would be after Christmas when I would get it. I resisted, told her she didn't need her to do that, I just wanted her aware of what had happened. However, being the lovely lady she is, she insisted on going shopping with her precious mini and putting together a pkg for me.

What a wonderful surprise when my package arrived:

I received the little book "Swell Holiday" by Cynthia Rowley and Ilene Rosenzweig, a lovely box of guest towels that will definitely be used next Christmas (even thinking of having towels embroidered with the design so I can really decorate my powder room for next Holiday and holidays to come.), a very useful spiral bound note pad/list pad with each page containing my first initial, and lastly, a box of decadent peppermint soaps; pink with Christmas trees.

She also sent the most wonderful note. I was extremely touched by the entire gesture. Kristin, thank you so much for organizing this terrific swap and for going the extra mile making up for my swap partner.

To my original swap partner....thanks for dropping the ball in communication and I hope you enjoyed you swap package!


K. said...

First, I'm super glad you're back!!! Second, what a lovely gift! I love it all! Third, I wonder what your first partner has to say about this...

Kappa Prep said...

I am SO thrilled everything worked out and that our wonderful organizer (and my partner!!) was so kind to you!

Kate said...

How did your partner get another partner? So weird! I hope karma gets her in the next swap.

I love the package you got :) I have that book on my list

pineapplegrove@earthlink.net said...

I am so happy you liked everything! Mini K was so disappointed when we didn't purchase you the Elmo and my little pony! If you swap partner hadn't gone MIA I wouldn't have gotten to know you so I consider it a great Christmas blessing! I still don't know what happened to your first partner...she never contacted me. I am off to swap shop again tomorrow for Hopsy fabulous PINK SWAP

Pink Preppy Party Girl said...

So glad that everything worked out ok.

Miss Janice said...

Good gracious...these swap issues! I hope this doesn't happen to others. You did get some cute stuff in the end:-)