Monday, April 06, 2009

Down on Dell

I have always loved Dell computers. They were what I used when I worked. My OLD laptop is a Dell and both my mom and I have custom spec'd Dell computers for exactly what we want. On Feb 20, I ordered a new Dell....fully loaded, 24 inch monitor, largest hard drive and most memory I could get, with the Office version I wanted, and 3 years of virus protection updates. Really a dream laptop with all the upgrades I have. Fast forward to March 14, no computer yet, I check status online....ORDER CANCELLED! I immediately called Dell, found our order was cancelled less than 24 hrs before because I had not responded to them trying to let me know the order was delayed. Hello Dell!!! You CALLED ME, told me it was going to be delayed and I OK'd it. You reordered my beloved NEW computer and told me it would arrive no later than April 4th but should be sooner. April 4th (this past Saturday) I manage to somehow get online on my dying computer to check the status...IN PRODUCTION. WHAT???? I call, am told that it was ready to SHIP on Monday the 6th (TODAY), they would expedite the shipping so I should get it in 2-3 days but definitely by the 13th. Well....lo and behold...I get awakened by an AUTOMATED phone call from Dell telling me my computer is now on back-order and should arrive on or around the 20th of April!

Well of course I called wanting an explanation. I asked how a computer that was ready for shipping on Monday could possibly be on backorder. The excuses given were, the computer is in high demand, a fan or chip or something could be backordered, etc. I told them the last was impossible or I had not been given the truth on Saturday. As someone who has built computers, chips, fans, memory, etc are the beginning steps in building a computer. IF ANYTHING was left to do on my spec computer, it would only have been to install software, or package the whole thing up. Can you believe that supposedly NO ONE has access to call the production department to speak to a supervisor or access the spec notes to see what is on backorder????

I was transferred from sales to operator to customer services to customer services supervisor. Of course they all understood my frustration and the points that I was clearly making, but guess what...nothing they can do about it. No money off...that would have to be done at the time the order was places. No free software, that too would have to be done at time of order placement. I even asked, "Can you not generate a new order for software that I would like, you override the price and ship it to me for free?" NOPE NADA NEVER. ARGH!!!!!!! I even asked "What kind of computer can I get built and shipped in less than a week?" I was given an answer...would have taken that computer in a heartbeat. But here is the catch...I would have to go back to my last salesperson, have them cancel the order, wait for the order to cancel, then wait 48 more hours (waiting period????), call back this last guy and he would order it and it would ship in 2-3 days. Well waiting all that time, it would be the 20th anyway.

Anyone have any suggestions on how I can go farther or move things along?

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