Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Easter finery and a shout out to Hopsy....

I finally found my Easter outfit. I saw this suit while shopping for my daughter last week but we were in a hurry and I didn't get to try it on. However, I did look at the price tag so I would know for when I went back. Lo and behold, I saw it in a sales paper at another shop for over $100 less. Went to get it from the lower price store and they had NONE...I didn't have the flyer and they didn't remember ever having one like I was describing. I was devastated. Yesterday I went back to the original mall, went to the store I thought it was at....wrong store...went to the another store we had been in...riding down the escalator...there is was in the distance. I literally ran to the mannequin....only 2 remaining...the one on the manniquin and 1 on the rack. I knew the mannequin one would not fit but prayed the other would. Tried it on...perfect! Looked at the price tag...the original price had been marked down to clearance price of $179. Took my purchase to the register and it was actually discounted more!!! I got my suit for the wonderful price of $129.98 including tax. WOOHOO! I will be wearing bone pumps and of course pearls.Love the neckline!

Love the pleated back with invisible slit.

Close up of detail.
Little does the DH know, he will be wearing either a matching shirt or matching tie with his suit on Sunday!

Thursday night (the 9th), the JLDOC (our Jr League) will be having a wine and cheese event for the incoming fall provisional class. I am very much looking forward to the event and meeting some new people. I think I am going to wear this dress with a cardigan (not sure if I will go with pink or green) to the event. Please excuse the does need pressing badly and the bow retied!!


Shout out to Hopsy!!!

I FINALLY got to watch the LP Martha Stewart. My dear mother DVR'd it for me as we don't get Martha Stewart anymore. I watched it today, and even though mother had watched it, I made her watch it with me until Hopsy came on...I had to "introduce her to my friend". Hopsy, you looked wonderful and loved your southern accent and manners! You did beautifully and looked amazing. I will go back and watch again so MOM...please don't erase it! I left it on for a reason. :D


Kappa Prep said...

You Easter suit is so pretty! I love the fun buttons! I also love the pink and green dress. It looks like it could have come from one of my favorite stores, Stein Mart. So darling and very appropriate for your JL event. I am so glad you were able to catch Martha. Wasn't the show fabulous!? Thank you for your kind mention in the post, it brightened my evening!!

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

Aaaw! :) I adore your dress for the Junior League! I wish we had something like that here in the 'Burg. You will look gorgeous. I had to laugh about the part with DH wearing a matching shirt or tie...mine would flip out!

I'm hosting my 100th post giveway today! Hope to see you there! :)

Miss Janice said...

I love your new Easter suit. It is so elegant and proper--fit for a Southern lady! That other cute little dress is just precious...I was thinking a pink sweater--but green would be striking also! I just love to see what other people are wearing, don't you? For the Arnold Palmer iced tea, you just mix 1/2 part lemonade and 1/2 part iced tea and stir together in a pitcher...voila. It's a very popular drink in Palm Springs, California and also in Augusta!