Monday, April 06, 2009

Last post of the day....Bonanno's or Jack Rogers?

I am probably the last person in blogland that has neither.
Which do you prefer and how is the sizing.
Are they true to size? Or do I need to order up or down?
Do they stretch out?
Please leave me your comments.


KAC said...

I've never had Bonanno's but I am OBSESSED with Jack Rogers! I have four pairs and worked in a store this summer that sold them. I would recommend ordering either your size or half a size down (and some may say that they don't make half sizes but they do!) because they definitely do stretch. Enjoy!!

suburban prep said...

I have neither. I have a pair of Steven Salario. One of my sisters has Jack Rogers and the other sister has a pair of Steven Salario as well. I just haven't purchased Bonanno's yet.