Friday, September 11, 2009


Today, I have no words to say.

I am borrowing a post from a dear friend's blog. I don't think she will mind. She is a wonderful writer whose blog is filled with both the provacative and the wit. With seriousness and silliness. Love for her family and for her retail therapy. She is the epitome of True Southerner and more importantly, True American.

Her post today was nothing but a link. A link back to 9/11/2006 (I think her first 9/11 blog post after she started blogging) in which she posts what she had written in her precious new born son #2's baby book on 9/11/2001.

Here is the link itself as I hope that if you have never visited her blog, you will venture over and check it shall not be disappointed.

And here is the actual post if you just can't get over there now...
September 11th
Written in DS#2’s baby book:
Where were you? Between 8:45 and 9:03…we (dh, ds#2 and myself) were standing outside taking photos to remember how happy we were…little did we know how much our world was changing. Our lives changed along with the world.
Tuesday, September 11, 2001 was a beautiful day. It was warm and the sky was as blue and clear as I can remember. DH and I were excited to be taking DS#2 to his first Doctors appointment that morning.
As we readied ourselves for the trip to the Dr., the morning news had a breaking story about a plane hitting one of the World Trade Center Twin Towers in NYC. We watched the photographs being telecast in awe and wonder at such a freak accident.
Before leaving for the Dr.’s office we took Baby outside on the front stoop to take some photos of him. He was so tiny and perfect. I felt so happy and good. All was right with the world.
Upon entering the examination room our Pediatrician walked in with tears in her eyes and said, “They have bombed the Pentagon!” We were in shock, and then learned that the plane we had seen hit the World Trade Center Tower wasn’t an accident and there had been a second plane to hit the other tower. In a few short minutes 3 planes became hurling, death machines for thousands of people. There was even more sadness to come as another plane was crashed in Pennsylvania as part of the same attack.
Our world was under attack. After leaving the Dr.s office I rode in back with my new baby and cried. Fear was there…fear for our country, our way of life, my new baby, my sweet other children…fear of the unknown. We had no idea where these attacks had come from or where they would hit next. There was fear and anxiety on what we should do next to prepare for what ever terrible turn came. DD and DS#1 were in school and we wondered if we should go in and get them from school.
The next few hours held little comfort as we watching in horror as the two landmarks of the western world fell with 1000s of people trapped inside. I was so scared and all we could do was pray.
It was the day that the world stopped turning…a day when we all stopped and stood still.Little did I know that a year later I would find myself holding my precious 1 year old and commemorating the 9-11 attacks in our new home in NY. It was a surreal experience and yes, I took pictures. It was as if I wanted the photos to prove that this attack didn’t stop us or our great Nation. It may seem odd that I included the horrors of the 9-11 attacks in DS#2’s baby book but I need for my children never to forget and know that the world changed for them…that day.
Our church showed this preview for a documentary on the Crosses that rose from the 9-11 rubble and it was a wonderful reminder that God is right there and right the center of it all. He knows, He remembers. Please take the 9 minutes to watch this and see His signs of hope...
As my dear friend "Bella" ended her post that day, so shall I today...


Bella said...

Thanks sweetie, it is such a hard day - even now. I can NOT imagine what it feels like for those who lost loved ones that day. (((hugs, dear friend)))

Miss Janice said...

Loved your post and till this day...I still remember that awful scary feeling--like, what's gonna happen to this country?