Thursday, October 08, 2009

Things that make you go hmmmmm........

My post yesterday garnered many comments. 1 ANONYMOUS user (anonymous users are not allowed to comment anymore) posted a link to Urban Legends where my post MAY OR MAY NOT be true. The fact is that no one can say it isn't can not be substantiated at this point. However, it is true that artisans are already sending ornaments to the White House as the do every year. Now whether or not this is happening to the White House trees or to the Capitol trees, I still find it disgraceful. I think most of my readers will find it disgraceful, sickening, and saddening as well.


Michael said...
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Michael said...

I am that anonymous person (American, Catholic, graduate of a school that has a marine lab in Beaufort) who responded. The reply was anonymous because I live in China right now, in a city across the border from Hong Kong. YouTube, wordpress, facebook, blogger and some other websites are blocked here. The ways to get around the blocks also make it harder to log in to websites. So it is just a lot easier for me to post anonymously on the sites that are blocked without having to log in each time I use something like vtunnel. No offence intended.

The reason I came across the posting is because my Dad sends me forwarded emails ('Obama wasn't born in the US' etc) all the time that often happen to be untrue and easily debunked--though this particular email was sent by my sister. If something is not true I feel a responsibility to point it out to him and whomever else he passed it along to. I don't mind it if he disagrees with Obama on policies. I disagree with Obama on a lot of stuff too. But untruths just create further divisiveness--especially to those already inclined to believe bad things about the person in question.

About the post:
--The allegations could easily be substantiated if true. As it is, it is peddling rumors.
--Yes, it is sad that religious themes are not allowed on the Capitol Christmas trees (and they still are called Christmas trees, not holiday trees), but where was the outcry in 2007, 2008?

You stop anonymous posting, not because of spam or trolls, but because of an accurate reply?

Beth Dunn said...

I love that song ps but this news of holiday trees is something that has been going on and quite frankly I find very upsetting. My son is not allowed to talk about Christmas at his school either. Very sad! xoxo


Beaufort Belle said...

Very interesting that I have had 2 people come forward as the anonymous post. And no Michael, blocking anonymous is not about blocking someone who may be right or may have a different idea than myself. I like to somewhat personalize the internet and would rather have a name, albeit an alias as anonymous looking at me.

I will say I did research it before posting and could not find it anywhere including snopes. Though I will say I did not check urbanlegends. Most of those are usually covered by I do that with almost all email of the fwd fwd fwd variety I receive, just as you do.

This is the reason that I usually don't put politics on my blog. I will stand by my beliefs and I will say that I do not care for Obama or his politics to this point. I think him winning the Peace Prize is a joke as I have not seen anything to prove he has helped the peace movement anywhere other than engaging in conversations with those totally against the US. However, I have seen nothing come out of those conversations. I stand by the fact that I am 100% Christian and I am a conservative middle right Republican.

This post was not about Obama as much as it was that again someone is (may be) trying to take away our religious rights. As a Christian, I am tired of how paganism and commercialism has been brought so far in the Christmas holiday. Not being allowed to say Christmas, having to say Holiday or Season Greetings.

Just remember, in America, you are allowed the freedom to practice religion, any religion but you should not be denied that freedom either. And taking Christmas out of traditions that have existed long before this country came to be and based on the very Christian foundation of this country just to not offend someone who chooses not to be Christian or practice another religion or no religion at all is saddening.

By the way Michael, I believe we are both alums of the same school.

Beth, I have been very fortunate in my daughter's public school education K-12 that Christmas is allowed and others are discussed. That every year, she has participated in a Christmas concert with religions songs and in all of her show choruses is expected to sing religious songs. In fact, for HS Show Chorus, it is stated that they will sing religious songs and though they don't have to believe the words or like the songs, they are expected to sing them and if they don't they will receive a zero grade. It is not to force religion on a student but the music itself is important in the history of music and many are more difficult. Parents must sign off on this.

Beth Dunn said...

Seriously dying over your comment!!! I wanted to name my daughter Elizabeth and call her Brooke and Husband said "that is too WASPy!" We had sons--Greye and Winfield aren't WASPy at all...right??



Michael said...

I don't see who else claimed to be the anonymous, as I was the one who had the 9:33 post--deleted it because I spotted a typo and put in the 9:35 post.
--Glad you check snopes, wish more people did.

Further news: 'A spokesperson at the White House told that no such letter came from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington DC.... Payne added that weather proofing and size are the only restrictions for the submitted ornaments.'

Go B Devils.

Charlotte said...

I love your blog! I've been to Beaufort several times and I am so jealous you get to live there!!! Also, I am so proud of you for standing up for what you believe in!! I too hesitate putting political posts on my blog for the rath that sometimes follows, but you have done an incredible job defending what you believe in! keep up the good work! i am a new follower!!

Rebecca said...

Belle, everytime I've ever posted a political post on my blog, I've gotten comments from readers who I've never heard of before or after. I applaud Michael for explaining his reasons for posting anonymously.

Its sad that there really is no religious tolerance in this country. Why can't Christians voice or display their beliefs without persecution or worry about political correctness? Why, if someone insults judaism, or even makes a reference to "a jew" or muslim then there is such a public outcry. Why do Christians often persecute jews, calling them Jesus killers and the like? Perhaps this is age old and will continue through the ages. I just wish people would loosen up a little bit and stop making demands and persecuting one another over their religious differences. I'll never be converted to another religion or belief, and frankly, don't know if I'll convert a different believer to my side of the fence. All I can simply do is display what my belief calls me to be, "love my neighbor" and hopefully not condemn, as "there is no condemnation in Christ Jesus." I let Jesus do the rest of the work.

Miss Janice said...

I just wish everyone would keep Chirst in Christmas! I don't like the greeting "Happy Holidays!" I'm sticking with "Merry Christmas!"

Narender Kumar said...

nice blog

Beth Dunn said...

I've been getting all kinds of lovely comments on my blog. Isn't it fun! xoxo


Mimi's Mom said...

You did no wrong in posting this blog, and I agree 100% that this is sad and pathetic. I fear for the future of the USA with this president; we have to do better in the next election, which can't come soon enough.

Mimi's Mom said...

You did no wrong in posting this, and I agree with you 100%. I am sad and disappointed at the direction our country is going with this president, and although we have over 3 years to go, the next election can't come soon enough for me.

Susan said...

My comment doesn't really fit in this post, but I just came across your blog. I absolutely love it. I think you might like the most recent post to my blog titled "Let there be light".