Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Tired of the holiday runaround?

Tired of the commercialization of the holidays and the removal of traditions and the true meanings of the Christmas holiday? Then check out the following book. It is by one of my favorite Southern authors (I have everyone of her books) and every Christmas when I get tired and frustrated, I break out this little gem and read it. It won't take you long to read it, but it will inspire you, touch you, and maybe even give you a little peace.

Click here and scroll down to watch a little video message from Dot Frank for the Christmas season as well as find out about her, all her books, read some excerpts and maybe even pick up a copy. I don't think you will be disappointed.


Rebecca said...

Can you believe I haven't read this book yet? Maybe I need to pay a trip to the bookstore and buy myself an early Christmas present! And, if I haven't said it enough times before, "Thank you Miss Jenn for introducing me to Ms. Frank!"

bevysblog said...

Just discovered your blog (we have many of the same BLENDS!!!). I was a counselor at Seafarer and loved going to Beaufort for our days off.

We also have a little more in common: I am also a Carolina - albeit South Carolina - girl; I remarried a few years ago; and I am familiar with neurological complications. My husband has Freidriech's Ataxia.

Looking forward to following you!


Miss Janice said...

I do hope you had a wonderful Christmas. Like everyone, I've been soooooo busy! Def tired of the holiday runaround and should read that book. I believe that I purchased for engraved foldover notes at www.FineStationery.com. The "Etiquette with Miss Janice" foldover notes were purchased in bulk many years ago at: NRN Designs, Huntington Beach, California. {that's the info on the back of the magnolia cards}