Monday, April 26, 2010

COACH...why do you do this to me???

Believe it or not, I have had a love-hate relationship with Coach in recent years. Being 40 something, I prefer the classics. Coach seemed to step away for awhile and head down trendy road addressing the WANTS of a much younger, shall I even try and say "hipper" crowd. My recent trips into the local Coach store has made me quite giddy...a return to tradition...classic, tailored, luxurious leather and much more. My want list has definitely grown!
This past Saturday, Miss B and I ventured to the mall while my precious "Belle" was having her spa-day at the groomer. We were actually on the hunt for earrings and a hairpiece to hold her back for prom. As it so happens, Coach is right there at Godiva where we stopped by to pick up our monthly free chocolate. We headed into Coach and surprise...Coach has brought the beach to me!! Yes trendy, but oh so fun. I may just have to step out of the comfort zone a little.
Miss B and I have been talking quite a bit about what goes around comes around, and one such item is the aviator style of sunglasses! It was the my senior year of high school (just like her) that aviators really came into their own (again). I don't know if any of my friends did not sport a pair of Ray-Ban classic aviators. I gave my daddy a pair and even gave my "little" brother a pair of leather wrapped aviators. They were just so preppy and classic to my crowd. Of course Miss B found her a pair at Coach:
I must admit, the white ones looked fantastic on her (hmmm...grad present?, birthday present? just because you are leaving me and going to college present?). As one sales person and I chatted while Miss B and another sales person were sporting the aviators, we decided those 2 girls "can rock the aviators"!
Now I love key chains, key fobs, etc. I only use 1 at a time because having a heavy key chain is very bad for your ignition switch. I may just have to change to this little lovely for the summer time:

new multi sea mix key ring

And I am needing to add some more gold tone jewelry to the mix and being the lover of all things coastal, I do believe this meets my need!

le-tan sandy beach necklace (there is also a matching bracelet)

And of course the lovely little star fish to adorn my ears:

pierre le-tan sandy pave starfish earrings

Now my dear husband would just about kill me if I brought home another beach towel, but can a beach belle ever have too many beach towels? And having this one at home would maybe help me imagine being actually on the beach:

pierre le-tan beach print towel

And finally on my list is the adorable little wristlet:

pierre le-tan wristlet

Why don't you head over to the Coach Beach Shop and check out all the new goodies including hats, shoes, bathing suits, slings, totes, and much more.


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Chloe said...

I also love coach, but have the same feeling as you on who they're targeting. just soooo not into having the little logos and tags everywhere.

Kate said...

I am going to try very hard to resist that nautical clutch!