Monday, April 12, 2010

Congratulations Lefty! Here's to Another Green Jacket!

If you didn't know, with all the tigah talk this past week, yesterday was Sunday at the Master's. To the golf world, this ranks as high as the Kentucky Derby. I am a huge golf fan and love me some Lefty aka Phil Mickelson. (I too am a lefty). If you didn't know, both Phil's wife and mother were both diagnosed with breast cancer last year. He hasn't had that great of a year thus far and his wife has not been able to travel to any tournaments thus far. Amy was able to travel to Augusta for the Master's but stayed back at the house they had rented during the tournament. Yesterday was her day out. I can't imagine it being any sweeter for him or for her. JMW of A Place to Dwell, posted a wonderful post of Phil's big win yesterday. Please check out her post: The Masters - Golf at its Best.

Now I know many people find watching golf BORING, especially on TV. HOWEVER, The Masters is as good of any reason to throw a party. For the perfect party plan and a little history, check out Miss Janice's post: Tee Time at the Masters. If you can't make it to Augusta to witness in person, her party is right on par as a substitution. In fact, I think she shoots eagle on this hole!!

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Miss Janice said...

You are tooooo sweet! I am soooo glad that Phil won. I liketa died crying when he hugged his wife Amy! So Sweet:) LOVE the Masters!