Tuesday, April 13, 2010


UPDATE #1 Our Final College Visit

DD, her nana, her dad, and I went to visit the last college on the list. And her top choice. She has been accepted and also won the school's prestigous Trustee Scholarship (for academic excellence). After arriving on campus, we went straight to the beautiful administration building which also house the admissions office.

DD was very excited when she entered as they were waiting to welcome her:

The campus is very small and there are only about 1800 students. It was a very dreary day, rainy off and on, so luckily we were able to tour campus in a covered golf cart. We saw where the main dining hall is but elected not to dine there because of the time of day. We also saw classrooms and all I can say is I so wish the classrooms looked like that when I was in college. We also visited the student rec center, the basketball arena (the are NCAA Div II school), and the library. There are stately oak trees and beautiful magnolias and we were informed that graduation is actually held outside (weather permitting) in the midst of all this beauty. We also visited the student store where nana started purchasing some "Bulldog" pride. for DD and my little niece.

All students except commuters live on campus all 4 years. Bldg 26 is her residence hall freshman year (pictures in tomorrow's post) and is all female. If you notice Bldgs 27, those are campus apartments that are fantastic. If you notice across from 27 and in front of 26, there is an outdoor swimming pool (there is also an indoor pool on campus) and a sandy beach volleyball court.

She also met several sorority girls and is very excited about rushing. There are 3 national sororities and 3 national fraternities on campus. All are excellent. The 3 sororities were my top 3 when I was in school.

I don't know what she is excited about more: prom, graduation, grad trip, or moving in to college in August.


Lisa said...

Congrats!!! What chapters are there? I know there is no Pi Phi there, but I'd be happy to give her any info on rush or sorority life anytime :-)

Kate said...

That is so nice that everyone lives on campus all 4 years!