Thursday, May 06, 2010


I am sitting here waiting patiently for my TINY PRINTS reprint to arrive. That's right, bGa's grad announcements were not printed properly. The complete invite/announce line was left off!! Quelle Horreur!! I noticed immediately upon the early arrival of the invites, immediately called TinyPrints, and they confirmed that they had erred and would correct and go back to print immediately and they would be shipped OVERNIGHT and should arrive on the 5th (Yesterday!!). No worries, I thought, as they were originally to be here on the 4th and arrived early. Now they have yet to show. My UPS tracking does say that are out for delivery right now, so I hope they show soon. Please don't use my frustration to not use TinyPrints. I am super pleased with the quality of all of my products and super pleased with the way customer service handled the situation. Just a little disappointed at the shipping department at this time for not shipping overnight as promised.

An Update: As I was typing this post, my sweet little UPS lady delivered the package!! And they threw in more envelopes, and more of bGa's personalized flat cards. Nice touch and the flat cards work great because bGa's flat cards have her name instead of "thank you" and they are the colors of both her high school and the college she will attend in the fall. Thank you TinyPrints!

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Kate said...

So glad it turned out ok AND you got some free prints!