Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Wednesday Wish List

Call it champagne tastes on tap water budget, but these are some things on my dream wish list. If you are going to dream big, then dream BIG!

First is my Louis Cartier Tank Watch. I am truly in love with this watch and have tried it on many a time. I even commented to honey that this is the one piece of "jewelry" that I would really like. I told him how much it cost and that it was a good everyday watch. He just laughed and said "at that price it is more than just an everyday watch!" But hey, if he wants to buy me a dressier watch, I have an 18kt & diamond Cartier watch picked out as well!

My Range Rover. I'll take white or navy blue with tan interior and wood grain trim. This will definitely get me to the beach to a house like this (both are in Beaufort, NC):

or like this:

This one has a boat lift and a deep water dock as you can see. Due to these wonderful qualities, then I need 2 boats:
A Chris Craft Launch to get here, there, and everywhere. Over to any of the islands to lay out on or picnic on, or to hit up the waterfront restaurants as well.

And the deep water dock would be perfect for a boat like this to go out deep fishing whenever I want.
So there you go, my very expensive wish list for this Wednesday. Anyone wishing to contribute to the BeaufortBelle fund is more than welcome to do so! : )

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