Monday, July 12, 2010

Monday Madness!

Honey bought our house on May 13, and lived in it until we married on Sept 4 and I moved in. That was 6 years ago. Slowly over time, we have updated the upstairs bathroom (will be renovated) and renovated the downstairs powder room, dining room, and living/family room. By reno, I mean stripping down to the studs and hanging new dry wall, scraping ceilings, new hardwood floors, and a big update on our fireplace with drywalling in the brick and adding custom bookcases on each side. We are taking our time (too slow if you ask me but financially at the right pace). To date, we have done nothing to the outside.
To me the house just looks blah...boring yellow and brown. Today starts the first part of changing the outside. A NEW ROOF!!! I am ecstatic. It will not really match the house for now, but shortly we will be
re-siding the house. It desperately needs painting, but we want hardiplank instead of the cement board junk it is now. So a color change will be coming soon. Not sure, probably classic white with either "Wrought Iron" (a blue black) or "Charleston Green" shutters and doors. So we are going with Onyx Black architectural shingles.

Upcoming changes will be the addition of a new entry/portico, hopefully new garage door, and lights on each side of the garage door. After the roofing and siding, we can start much better landscaping.

Now why is this Monday madness?? The roofers will be here at 7am and start tearing my shingles off. Very noisy. It is a great small company who first did my parents roof 10 years ago, one of the first ones they did. They are very efficient. One crew will be taking the shingles off and throwing them in the dump truck. After a certain amount is removed, another crew starts with putting the new ones on. Very busy, very noisy, and should last 2 -2 1/2 days. But I can deal with the noise to get a pretty new roof!


Bumby Scott said...

Congrats. A house must become a Home, this process takes time.
Good start.

Always Bumby

Anonymous said...

Have a fun couple of days!
Do not walk outside barefoot for a few extra days after. Depending upon the nails they use, take a magnet and search around your foundation afterwards to find "strays."
A new roof is in our near future too.

Carolina Pearl said...

Yes, this is a very noisey morning. I am not thrilled at all that the sound of hammers is what woke me up. However, our house needs a change to the outside appearance and I believe that this is what we need. :)
Love you mom!