Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Monday Memories

For a few weeks now, bloggers have been posting their charm bracelets. Mine is all memories, and not just my own memories, but things I want to remember. Mine is sterling silver and my parents started it for me when I was a young girl. I did tell my honey I want to collect more charms until I have at least 1 on every link. The bracelet itself is not my original bracelet. It is my grandmother's and some of the charms are hers and some of the charms are mine.

Currently I have going around from left to right:
A girl's head with my name and date of my birth on the back
Happy Birthday - my name and the date 8-26-78 - the charm that started it all
A boys head (represents my brother - from grandmother's)
A purse (a girl can never have too many)
Mother - this was given to my grandmother on the occassion of my mother & daddy's wedding
A lighthouse - a sweet friend of mine sent this to me about 5-6 years ago
A poodle - growing up we always had toy poodles (looked more like "puppy cuts" than "poodle cuts")
Mickey Mouse - my first trip to Disney
Friendship - my best friend from elementary - high school gave this one to me
A Megaphone - a cheerleading award
A girls head (represents me - from my grandmother's)
A cross - enough said
Lastly, An anchor - my love of boating and all things nautical

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