Saturday, July 10, 2010

Southern Saturday

My day will really get started with having lunch. A truly Southern lunch. The mater samwich. Now I prefer mine with good white bread (and I will keep the crusts on), Dukes Mayonnaise, salt, pepper, and vine ripened tomatoes.
After lunch, it will depend on the weather. I will launder my sheets definitely. If the weather is nice, Miss Brooke and I will probably lay out in the sun getting ready for our Florida trip. If the weather is being prohibitive, definitely some cleaning. I'll also be awaiting delivery from Lowe's for my Monday Madness post. When the honey gets home from work we will either grill out with steak, corn on the cob, and some roasted potatoes.
image courtesy of Kraft recipes

or if we want something a little lighter and refreshing, we will have my homemade chicken salad. Honey absolutely loves it. In fact, he brought home all the ingredients this week as a big hint, I do believe.

After dinner, we will probably just relax. Spend some time together, then the 3 of us go our separate ways. Honey loves watching his "America's Most Wanted", Miss Brooke usually watches a movie and reads (right now her required freshman reading which she is loving) or will go out with a friend, and I retire to our bedroom and enjoy my Saturday night HGTV and whatever good movie is on.

Now if I was in Beaufort tonight,  I would be attending the Beaufort Historical Association Summer Party. It will be happening from 7pm - 11pm. This years party is celebrating the Historical Association's 50th anniversary in the historical district. This year's theme is "Cruisin' Through 50 Years with BHA". If you are in the area, check out .

Whatever you do on this Saturday, enjoy yourself, enjoy your family, and try to do something southern.


Anonymous said...

Happy Saturday.

Sarah Cook said...

YUM!!! I found your blog from Melissa's post on Southern bloggers. I can't wait to read more :)