Saturday, August 14, 2010

It's that time...

Miss Brooke's very first day of kindergarden

The van is loaded, Miss Brooke's car is loaded, and hopefully as soon as honey and Miss Brooke get home, my car will be loaded. I have all my paperwork in hand to check in. All that is left is Miss Brooke getting the last of her toiletries together to add in the morning. To think is is now 10:38 pm and 8 hours, we should be pulling out and heading down 85 South.

My baby is going to college. As I said before, right now it is exciting. I am ready to check in, arrange the room, decorate, get her settled and all of that good stuff. But come tomorrow evening, around 8:30 after our parent meeting finishes, and we say our "last goodbyes", I know I will get in my car and probably cry all the way home. I will probably even take something to make me sleep on the way home.

However, I trust in the way I, and then honey after we married, and even my parents have raised my baby girl. She has blossomed into a butterfly and is ready to spread her wings and fly. I hope she knows how very proud I am of her and the young lady (and southern belle) she has become. I love you dearly my Brookie Doodles!

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