Thursday, August 05, 2010

Think Pink Thursday: The Party Edition

I can be quite the girly-girl and my favorite color is pink. When it comes to parties, you can go wild, like pink and zebra. Or you can go preppy with pink and green or pink and navy. Or you can go bold, like pink and yellow or pink and orange. But what about just an elegant pink party?

First the Stationery:
Do it yourself with beautiful hand-made pretty in pink invitations. Origami dresses on hot pink card are the perfect announcement for a bridal shower, baby shower or girl’s party in this theme. They set the scene, let the guests know just how to dress and give an impression of the type of event your party will be. Here are some amazing pink coloured hand-made party invitation ideas using the range of designer papers at Pink Frosting’s online stationery store.

What about the party favors?
For your favors, choose pretty pink personalised candy jars filled with strawberry-flavoured jelly beans, pink silk hand fans with cherry blossom thank you tags, pastel pink cones filled with dried rose petals or candy-pink handbag favour boxes filled with yummy and decadent chocolate buttons.

And the decorations?
Take your colour and go wild! In these amazing shots from Annick Van Wesemael’s beautiful book, Tasty Tables, marshmallows and baby roses are central to creating the pretty in pink theme. Cones made of pretty pink paper, filled with roses and marshmallows act as whimsical centrepieces. Bouquets of baby roses secured with flowing satin ribbon dance delicately from their stakes in the soft green grass. The cake is not what it seems! Annick has created a fantasy cake made of tightly packed roses and baby’s breath. Candy tables are filled with the sweetest of pink sweets – from marshmallows to fairy floss. The ornaments are edible – a beautiful treat reminiscent of Hansel and Gretel without any of the scary moments!

And finally the cake...
Check out the previous Think Pink: The Cake Edition and watch the slide show of wonderful pink cakes for every type of pink party.

However, for a single color party, your best friends are one-coloured linens, crepe paper, candy in the colour of your choice, balloons (giant round balloons are a gorgeous decoration that packs a punch on a budget) and satin ribbon in every shade of your colour imaginable.

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