Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Too Much Tuesday!

In only 12 short days, we will be moving my "baby" into her college dorm and leaving her there. We will then come home to basically an empty nest. I do have 3 furbabies to put up with, one of them being Miss Brooke's.

In those 12 short days, we have much to do. You think you have it done or are ready and you think of even more things you need to buy or do. The microwave we though we had is not the one we have. The one we have is old, ugly, and too big by dorm standards. So off it goes to Goodwill. So we have a microwave to buy. We still need under bed drawers. They are actual drawers in sets of 2 drawers and we are getting 2 sets. We also need some organizational items for her desk. And a rack with 3 storage cubes, one for cleaning supplies, one for laundry supplies, and one for kitchen/cooking supplies. We also need a storage cube for under the bed for misc. items. (light bulbs, paper towels, extra toiletry products). And we still need a makeup mirror. And sheet clips for her XL sheets that are too long for her dorm bed. And hopefully a feather bed to make her bed a little more comfortable. And I just thought of another item, a telephone for her room. ARGH...the list grows longer each day.

We have to find boxes to finish packing the small things, and larger boxes for packing some more clothes. It will be interesting to see how many clothes we bring back home.

Today, we will spend all day monogramming sheets, pillowcases, bath towels, hand towels, wash cloths, and a fabric shower curtain that will actually be her "closet door".

Right now it feels like too much to do. Miss Brooke is still working 30 hours a week and still wanting to get in that last minute hanging out with friends which I truly understand. But we still need to do a little shopping. A little more organizing, and a little more getting "her affairs" in order. I think there goes that beach trip I wanted to get in for now.
As of right now, I am going to be the selfish mom, and spend as much time with my baby girl as I can!


Happy by Nature said...

She probably won't need a phone for her dorm room-- my mom insisted on getting one for me my freshman year (3 years ago) but no one actually uses them/has them. Cell phones are fine :)

Beth Dunn said...

WOW! you are a great mother. I bet her sheets look amazing

Beaufort Belle said...

Happy By Nature: I know she won't necessarily need a phone, but hoping she can use them. We don't have unlimited minutes unless it is Verizon. And she has to pay her overage in college. Mean old mom I am.

Beth: Thank you. There will either be a post after we are all done. Or before and afters once she is all moved in and the room is decorated. : )

Pearls To Hide My Neck said...

Money, money, money. ha! We outfitted a new apartment in June for S1 and now the dorm for S2.

I'm right there with you. We leave in a couple of weeks, as well and I am dreading it. He's not much help either since he is ignoring the whole fact that he is leaving soon.

I'm grabbing every second of time that I can with him. An empty house is not a happy house as far as I'm concerned!

Good Luck

Lisa said...

Saturday is my daughter's moving back day and she hasn't done one single thing. She was in a dorm last year and this year she is moving into her sorority house. I keep asking her what she needs and wants, but I am not getting any answers. She thinks it is all going to fall into place last minute. What a change from last summer. All we did all summer long was plan and talk about her dorm room. I am liking this summer much better!