Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Change is in the air....

I have been so busy since last Wednesday. I redid my daughter's room last week (except for paint). I rearranged furniture, new bedding, new curtain rods, new solid brass lamp (from Goodwill), and new knobs on her furniture. All before she got home on Friday afternoon. I do still need to do a little floral arrangement (yes faux flowers, but with her not here, no need to keep changing out real as long as I keep these clean!).

Next, my husband was scrubbing (and I mean a good scrubbing) of her bathroom. I changed out her shower curtain and accessories, but need to paint as well. I also cleaned out all of the drawers and cabinets and rearranged what was left. I literally through out 3 large kitchen bags of STUFF and junk that she and my step-daughter and crammed into places in the bathroom.

I'll try to post pictures shortly.

I have a few things left to paint decor wise and some things to hang but other than wall paint, will be finished. Now, if I can only find where my husband put the decorative towels!!

The next on my task list is to organize under our bathroom counter and organize under the counter and the drawers. Luckily our's aren't nearly as bad and most of it will be lotions and creams that I don't like the smell of and old makeup. And I made a cleaning caddy for upstairs, so the cleaning products under our counter can go in the caddy.

Finally on the agenda will be finishing my office/craft room.  A lot of things will definitely GO!! I mostly have the office part done. It is the other1/2, maybe more, that has got to be organized. Once I get the stuff that needs to go, gone, and can stack up the different items to stay, then I can find how I want it best stored, what type of storage options I have, etc.


Also, fall is a time of changes...many I don't care for. I don't like it getting colder, I don't like it once all the leaves fall off the trees, and a few other things. However, I like the change in humidity levels, I love the briskness of a cooler (NOT COLD) day with blue skies, and the wonderful colors we see in front of those blue skies. I love fall decor and the fact that Thanksgiving and Christmas are coming...two very traditional family holidays. So with the changes outside, I am seriously considering some changine on the inside. And I don't mean the things I mentioned above. I am thinking of changing my blog up some...very possibly a new direction and a new name...maybe even a new design. I will still post many of the things that I talk about now, but other things will change. With all I have to do above, it may be awhile, and it may transition slowly. I am not sure how I will go about it, but I don't want to loose followers and readers I have now, but I also want to gain new readers, and do a little more in a different direction. I hope all of you will stay with me while I go about these changes and stay will me after they are done.

Now I am off to finish painting some decor items.....

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