Sunday, October 17, 2010

Just call me...

or make that MRS. SCROOGE

I am not ready for Christmas. I did buy a Christmas CD to listen to when the TIME IS RIGHT.  Some very special friends are Christmas MANIACS (you know who you are and I love you dearly).

I understand shopping for gifts. And that many are already finished and I applaud you for that.

However, I wish corporate America would quit materializing Christmas so EARLY. Remember the reason for the season and you can't have Christmas with out Christ.

However, YESTERDAY was the last straw!! I saw Christmas tree lots GOING UP in more than 1 location. is 2 weeks from today to get to Halloween! Not only do they set up Christmas early, but this year I saw Halloween stuff going out before school started!! For about 3 weeks now, Lowes and Michaels and ACMoore have had Christmas stuff out. Now I know if you are going to MAKE things for decorations or even some gifts, you need to start early, but I still think you can wait until AFTER Halloween. Let's get through 1 holiday before starting another. Many people change out decorations after Halloween to true fall and Thanksgiving. Follow Martha Stewart, none of her Christmas crafting is out in the stores yet.

Now, I do undertand that things have changed quite a bit since families started breaking apart geographically. Many married couples do Thanksgiving at one family and Christmas at the other family. Depending on where you live, it makes it difficult to visit both in the same day or even weekend. Times have changed, I accept that. Many people to put up Christmas decorations right before Thanksgiving if their family is coming on Thanksgiving and not Christmas. Also, many children want to be at their home on Christmas, where Santa will be delivering the Christmas goodies.


Getting off my soapbox now.


suburban prep said...

My husband and I would make comments about tree lots going up around our anniversary (November 14). You say they are going up already around you. That is too much!!

I understand Michaels and Joanns and other craft places that bring out Christmas about now because trust me (I knit) and it does take a while to finish a project.

I worked for a well known catalog for 15 years and Christmas there would begin in late August. Before that I worked for Nordstrom and well they are the one store still that does not bring out Christmas decor until Thanksgiving is over.

Preppy Pettit said...

I also get a little crazy about Christmas going out so early!! And, having young kids, it just doesn't seem as "special" when it is dragged out for three months!! Now, the one that cracks me up the most? When they put out Valentines stuff before Christmas is even over. Jo Anns had theirs out last year in mid- December.

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

I can understand having the craft stuff out early, but I don't understand why they play Christmas music in early November when I go in there!! Drives me crazy too. I like to celebrate a holiday before I decorate for the next one, so people who start blogging about Christmas decorations in early Nov. drive me a little nuts.

ShannonPinNOLA said...

Well, you know I am one of those Christmas nuts, but even I miss the days where you actually celebrated Halloween and Thanksgiving instead of them merely being a speed bump on the way to Christmas. Tree lots? Puhleeeeze.

Joann said...

I totally agree about the tree lots -- for goodness sakes, won't the trees dry out well before Christmas no matter how much you water them??
We were at the store today and comparing lanes of Christmas items next to Halloween candy. If it weren't so materialistic it would be quite amusing...

Bella Michelle said...

Wonder who you might be talking about? LOL I do think it starts earlier and earlier every year.

I have done good this year...haven't broken out the Christmas music...yet!