Saturday, October 02, 2010

Southern Saturday...but a sad one for me

Today, JCG and I are supposed to be down at the beach attending the NC Seafood Festival. We go every year and have the best time. And you can get almost any type of seafood you want, much of local catch. You can get it from the street vendors, or you can venture into any restaurant along the street that is shut down for the festival. There are also lots of craft vendors and artists and photographers. And there is even a wine tasting area featuring many of the NC wineries!! Goodness, our state produces some might fine wine. Unfortunately, we didn't go because of all the rain, and not knowing for sure if they would even have it due to flooding. But the show is going on!! If only I didn't have to wait until next year....but I am already looking forward to the first weekend in October 2011!


Miss Char said...

That's a bummer Jenn, would they possibly reschedule for another weekend in October for this year?

That rain has been wicked up and down the coast.

daydreamer said...

Don't be fooled, todays great weather no water problems a little cooler than its been in a while but the Seafood Fest is in full swing with plenty of people, good food & think most of the venders even the library was giving away books,so don't be bummed come out in the morning for the blessing of the fleet at 10am (only downside is parking was limited at port so come early)