Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Prayers for Miss Brooke please...

Yes, I do have a legit excuse for missing the past 2 weeks. First I was very sick, but then Miss Brooke was injured.

On Wed, the 3rd, she was working out on the leg press and heard her knee pop and the press came back down on her. She was in pain but continued walking on it alternating acetaminophin and ibuprofen. She was also keeping it elevated as much as she could and icing it. By that Saturday, it was beginning to be unbearable. She sent me a picture of the knee area from her BB around 9:30pm and I asked her to find someone to take her to the ER. Of course, the ER did nothing...well not exactly nothing, they did prescribe pain meds and put her on crutches and told her not to put any pressure on it. They also told her to see ortho in 2-4 days. At first I called our favorite orthopaedic surgeon and he was out of the office until Thursday, but made an emergent visit for Friday morning. Monday came and I ended up going ahead and finding her an ortho clinic near school at they made an emergent appointment for late afternoon. My mom and I took off and met her and her friend at the clinic. They were able to secure an MRI for that evening at the closest hospital. After all was done Monday, my mom and I drove back home (3 hrs each way). Tuesday her roomie called and said she was in tears and very miserable and in much pain and wanted to come on home until her appointment. I had her email all of her professors and to pack some clothes. Again, mom and I hit the road. She and another friend had gone back to the hospital to get a CD of her MRI to take to our doctor on Friday. We got down there, loaded her up, and made the long drive back home. She slept most of Wednesday. I made sure that she had her meds every 4 hours on the dot. Yes, I woke up several times during the night to make sure she had her meds. She slept quite a bit on Thursday and then Friday morn, we headed to Duke Sports Med. Her doctor looked over the MRI some some things that concerned him, but wanted to try a procedure to try and prevent her having surgery. After finishing with him, we headed over to another location for the procedure. It is "plasma replacement therapy under ultrasound." They did an ultrasound of her knee and leg and found multiple tears in her hamstring and some problems with the miniscus. (If you gross out easily, skip down to the next paragraph). The procedure involves drawing a tube of your own blood, taking it to the lab, and spinning it down to just your own plasma. Then going back to the U/S and marking the leg where the biggest tears were than infusing your plasma at those points. Your plasma contains human growth hormone of the natural kind and since it came from you, your body won't reject it.  If it works, healing time is cut in half, if it doesn't we will proceed with surgery, most likely over Christmas break. (By the way, we drove her back Friday night as her sorority initiation retreat started at 11 am on Saturday morning.)

So that is the big prayer request...that her pain starts to minimize and that the procedure works.
But I also request prayers for the next few weeks. She comes home Tuesday for Thanksgiving break, that afternoon she goes for her oral surgery consult, Wed she has her first Physical Therapy appt, Thursday is Thanksgiving, then Friday she is having her wisdom teeth out. She will go back to school on Sunday, a few more weeks of classes then exams, and home on the 14th. On the 15th she goes back to see the doctor who did the procedure, and on the 16th she is getting braces put back on because her teeth have shifted. As you can see, many things for her to go through on 1 months time.

We would both appreciate the prayers!


Joann said...

Many prayers going up for Miss Brooke and for you at this time. Love y'all!!!

ShannonPinNOLA said...

Oh poor, poor thing. Prayers for both of you....cause I know Mama is hurting right now, too.

Jennifer Lynn said...

Thank y'all! Yes Shannon, mama is hurting too! One of those hard things about growing up (for both of us!)