Thursday, January 20, 2011

Skin Care Regimen

Summer Wind posted a great little post about her skincare regimen on her blog and asked for others to tell their routine.

Now, even though in the south, a lady never shares her age, I will divulge that I am in my early 40's, and I have had skin cancer on my face and on my chest.

I definitely see my dermatologist on a very regular basis and for yearly skin checks. I highly recommend if you are 18 and over, you too get yearly skin checks.

One thing I love about my dermatologist is she is honest and not a product pusher. I have gone so far as to ask her what she uses on her face and she has beautiful skin. She responded that everything she uses comes from Target.

Here is my routine:

CeraVe Moisturizing Cleaner

CeraVe Moisturizing Cream
(I have extremely dry skin due to medications I take)
or you can use:

or you can just use the moisturizing lotion
and then last step is to apply:

SPF 15 Daily Moisturizing Cream
(credit to SummerWind for turning me on to these products)

Then apply makeup.

Bedtime (or as soon as I get home and know I am not going back out):

I mix this with the CeraVe cleanser, apply, and softly wash off with cloth and warm water. Just be careful when cleaning that you don't pull on your eyes to remove eye makeup or mascara...this causes wrinkles quickly.
I apply the same moisturing cream by CeraVe.

After 1 full hour, I apply


After an hour, I apply a thin layer of the CeraVe moisturizing cream for the final time.

***Additional Info***
My dermatologist recommends that you apply moisturizing lotion or cream (CeraVe for me) within 20 seconds of getting out of the shower or after washing the face before skin dries.

Also, regardless of whether or not I am putting on makeup to go out for the day or staying home, I always wash my face in the morning, I just leave off the sunscreen.

When applying any lotions or creams I rub upwards not downwards, prevents sagging.

When cleansing my face, I also use the washcloth to scrub my lips and any dry lip flakes. Finishing up my cleansing routine with either a coat of Aquafor or sometimes, cocoa butter. Aquafor is also the best ointment for boo-boos, dry feet or elbows, and for me, healing after skin cancer. My dermatologist recomments using this, which comes in many, many sizes and also comes in a lotion, cream, or ointment instead of anything ending in sporin.

And my last little secret is I shave my face! Just about all of it, definitely more than a man does. I heard this trick from Carolyn Manzo of RHONJ reunion show on Bravo. Asked the dr. about it and it will make your skin softer and your makeup smoother.

There you have it, my skin care routine. It must be working because everyone guesses my age to be about 10 years younger than I am!

As a summer girl, aka beach belle, PLEASE take care of your skin. Even if you are still using a tanning bed or spending HOURS in the sun, what you do in the morning and at night can help fight any damage you are doing during the day. Besides, you want that tan face looking beautiful don't you?


Lisa said...

I just visited my dermatologist and she recommended CeraVe products for me and also my daughters (acne prone age). I had never heard of this line until then.

You asked if my house was a William Poole plan - wow, you are good. It is. We built it about 13 years ago.

We are headed to the beach this weekend (OIB). Saturday is supposed to be really nice.

J Moss said...

I recently also just found out the wonders CeraVe can do for my skin. I love it. I also have been using Vanicream on my face before I go to bed at night and I love it as well. It's super thick and my face hasn't been dry since I started using both of these products :-)